VIDEO: Birthday Wishes, Shenanigans, and Cracking Bones – Let’s Have A Fefe (S10 E24)

I happened to be tired of wearing my heart on my sleeve, so I drew a few on my face. It's just out there for all the world to see. I was proud cause I was able to make it work in the limited time that I had. Anyway, I started in my chair for the start of the show. I had been missing them a bit lately.

Video: What in the Trivia?, Interesting Things & More – Let’s Have A Fefe (S10 E16)

Well, let's just say that after working long hours the last couple of days/weeks. I went for a more natural look that was nothing compared to what Freddy brought before you tonight. I didn't stand a chance at this pageant to start and even more so after tonight. Haha.

Video: The Decent, the Horrible, and the Worst of 2020 on Let’s Have A Fefe

And just like that we are at the last episode of Let's Have A Fefe in 2020. A time to reflect on what went on with us personally as well as some world wide things. It has been an incredible year that showed us how resilient we can be, where we want to go and in some cases showed progress on how we were getting there.

Video: Orange v. COVID, Voting, etc. – Let’s Have A Fefe | #YOURWedNightConvo

I am little late posting the latest episode of Let's Have A Fefe with Felicia "Fefe" Minor & Freddy Prinze Charming. It was a good episode. It was full of discussion of the Oompa Loompa in charge, COVID 19, Black Lives Matters and debates.

Let’s talk politics! – S7 E22 – Let’s Have A Fefe

Felicia Minor & Freddy Prinze Charming will be talking about political news. They will also be looking into potential candidates for the U.S. Presidential race in 2020.

Hot Weather Sex Tips, Arizona Voter Issues, North Carolina LGBTQ laws – Let’s Have A Fefe

TO SAY WE ARE back into the swing of things would be the truth. I rushed to put my wig on as we get ready for the show and wasn't fortunate to have my jacket buttoned and found that there are no buttons.

Keep Your Sex Life Thriving, changes, Manny P./Gays/Animals – S4 21 – Let’s Have A Fefe

HELLO! AM I ON? Oh... that's right, there might be a chance that we might be disconnected from the rest of the world -- when in actuallity we are trying to be more connected. Can't believe it.

A Letter to My 14 Year-Old Self

Dear 14 Year Old Me: It's me from the future with words of advice that you will or will not take into consideration and possibly live by. Right now, your life may seem a little confusing and it bit filled with demons of life from family, peers and society. I just want you to know … Continue reading A Letter to My 14 Year-Old Self

The truth of it all is…

The truth of it all is... I can't seem to wrap my head around the hate that surrounds our community (the gay community) and friends of others. Thing of it all is, we let it continue and scream when it starts hitting the headlines.