And just like that we are at the last episode of Let’s Have A Fefe in 2020. A time to reflect on what went on with us personally as well as some world wide things. It has been an incredible year that showed us how resilient we can be, where we want to go and in some cases showed progress on how we were getting there.

Before diving into the reflection of the year, we discussed Christmas and our events of the day. Also showed the Queen of Pentacles photo from Brandon McGill, artist/photographer/friend who is working on releasing a Tarot card project.

We got into the impact of the 2020. I usually say the good, the bad and the ugly of the year. This year, we went with the decent, the horrible and the worst. We had some death, we had some people in our circle get COVID-19, surgeries and more. But we also got to know new people, start relationships, raise money for causes and do some things that impacted our world, our community positively.

We discussed the there will be no “new normal” but more of an adaptive now and moving forward. It’s a time of innovation, discovery and creating the world we want future generations to learn about. With that, we will see you in 2021. Don’t touch nothing, don’t look at anything, don’t ask to buy anything that’s not on the list. But let’s make it a good year for ourselves.

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