HELLO! AM I ON? Oh… that’s right, there might be a chance that we might be disconnected from the rest of the world — when in actuallity we are trying to be more connected. Can’t believe it.

Despite the in and out that YouTube/Google+ gave us tonight we had a great content packed show. We started off with how to date a trans* woman. Just don’t ask stupid questions, make outrageous comments — and you might be off to a great start.

We moved on to the weird and wackiness that seems to come up in the headlines and I don’t make this stuff up. If you can make yourself orgasm, let’s keep it at a minimum of 3-5 times a day… try not to exceed 46 times. Whoa!

I lost a little of concentration between each time that the connection failed but got to a point where we talked about the outrageous stupidity the spewed from Manny Pacquiao’s mouth recently — you’re welcome Manny! Why? Cause companies like Nike & Adidas support the LGBTQ community and not your stupid closed minded views. Your apology went over just as well as a fart in church.

We talked about a lot of other things that ended up being a good show… I felt like I had to rush through everything I was saying before getting cut off. But it’s always worth connecting with you all.

Special thanks to Ryan (screenshot extraordinaire), Vivica, Gabe and so many others that tuned in and dived into tonight’s conversation and topics with us!

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