I am little late posting the latest episode of Let’s Have A Fefe with Felicia “Fefe” Minor & Freddy Prinze Charming. It was a good episode. It was full of discussion of the Oompa Loompa in charge, COVID 19, Black Lives Matters and debates.

We started off the episodes talking about types of cuddling. Did you know there are like 58 types of cuddles? Yeahhh! And that there are people that get paid to be professional cuddlers — in a non-sexual way. I say that’s awesome but be careful in the middle of a pandemic.

Then we got into the the non-cuddly type things. We talked about the most recent murder by cop, the victim Jonathan Price. This continues to be a subject nationally and on our broadcast. It makes me angry and sad that we keep adding names to an already list that is long. Another long list is the number of cases that is starting to go back up and deaths when it comes to COVID 19.

Even with numbers rising, Oompa thinks that his case of COVID-19 made him feel younger, stronger. That isn’t the case for a lot of people that don’t have the privilege or can’t afford the right to get their hands even on the experimental drugs and make their experience with virus, more bearable.

We also talked about the Vice President debate that happened right before we went live. Also, how the fly stole the night. Another debate that counts is… Kelly vs. McSally. We talk about that debate, briefly.

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