I happened to be tired of wearing my heart on my sleeve, so I drew a few on my face. It’s just out there for all the world to see. I was proud cause I was able to make it work in the limited time that I had. Anyway, I started in my chair for the start of the show. I had been missing them a bit lately.

We got right into the swing of things talking about Freddy’s weekend — guest starring in a show, the purring of new kittens, annual sip of the liquor, being stuck between meat coming at you from both sides, eye candy, and more! It sounds like it was quite a great weekend. What do you think?

Then we got into the drama! Yes, the drama. The fact that there are folks that live off the rush of causing drama, being part of the drama, or the growing need for attention. This feels like it can be overwhelming and unintentional for some, but others, live and thrive off of it. Some of it can be a result of childhood trauma — where any bit of attention can be seen as good, even when it’s not good.

We discussed the current state of politics — Trump wanting folks to still buy into the rigging of the election, like the bitter queen that can’t get over losing the pageant. UGH! Move on. Mitt Romney says he can’t go down the rabbit hole with Clarence Thomas, the codifying of same-sex marriage, an award-winning trans woman who is recognized on the heels of many of the anti-trans bills being presented and so much more.

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