Well, let’s just say that after working long hours the last couple of days/weeks. I went for a more natural look that was nothing compared to what Freddy brought before you tonight. I didn’t stand a chance at this pageant to start and even more so after tonight. Haha.

We talked about Sex Trivia last weekend! It was SO fun and packed to boot. There were many sex experts that seemed not to be able to answer any of the trivia questions. That included individuals that didn’t know anything about their anatomy or how some things of the body functioned. Which led to our tip of safe materials for your toys.

Speaking of toys, Elon Musk won’t buy Twitter if it is loaded with bots or fake accounts. Our suggestion: go create a new fake account this week. (Haha) Just kidding, yeah, not really… are we kidding? Ha.. ha… Anyway, meanwhile, there are congressional hearings going on while public shootings in churches and public places are going on — but we have no need for gun control. We have weird obsessions about vaginas, abortions, and more as laws and policies are being developed.

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