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Be sure to get your official Let's Have A Fefe t-shirt, tank or v-neck on the website. is run by Kat Carlson, here in Phoenix. She does great work and is a great person that we definitely support.

Video: Apocalyptic Cooking, Games and more on Let's Have A Fefe

I am still recovering but we couldn't stay away! It seems in a week a lot has changed and we are now in self-shelters. We didn't really have a structure, but we had fun. We played "Heads Up," one of the many games that you can play while staying indoors. We also talked about potential recipes of what you can prepare with items that you might have in your pantry -- tuna burgers, ramen and more!

Upcoming event: Surprise! Let’s Have A Fefe returning tonight!

Surprise! In spirit of social distancing, I thought that we couldn't be away from you any longer. So join Mister USofA MI Classic 2019 Freddy Prinze Charming for an all-new episode of Let's Have A Fefe.

Thank you for your continued support!

Hey LOVES! Right now, I am in bed recovering from my recent procedure. I appreciate your love and support. With health concerns & community standards surrounding COVID-19, most of public shows & appearances have been canceled or rescheduled for another time.

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With me being laid up in bed for recovery along with the madness of the coronavirus, I think this is the best time to catch up on posting the Let's Have A Fefe live streams as a podcast. I am getting there slowly, but they are getting uploaded. I am pretty excited that I have time to catch up and definitely appreciate your patience.

Video: Vivica Taylor Stratton, Miss Arizona USofA Diva on Let’s Have A Fefe

We were back tonight with special guest Vivica Taylor Stratton, Miss Arizona USofA Diva on Let's Have A Fefe. We got a chance to talk to her about preparing for nationals in a couple of weeks and talking about what she did to prepare for the pageant.

PHOTOS: St. Patrick’s Day edition of Drag Bingo + Cats at La Gattara Cat Lounge in Tempe

Co-hosting third annual St. Patrick's Day edition of Drag Bingo + Cats with Freddy Prinze Charming at La Gattara Cat Lounge in Tempe was a success -- and so much fun! The laughs, the messes, and even more laughs.