TO SAY WE ARE back into the swing of things would be the truth. I rushed to put my wig on as we get ready for the show and wasn’t fortunate to have my jacket buttoned and found that there are no buttons.

Nevertheless, we talked about me abandoning Freddy to see Zootopia with my husband and how Freddy spent time with family and R&D. (I can’t wait for waffles…)

It’s getting hot outside and it just might be heating up in the romance arena for some. Freddy went in deep to talk about how to stay cool. But we almost made it out the woods until Prince Silk StJames brought up lube and got a little bit of an encore & a moment in education.

In the news this week, just a bunch of weirdness going on. We can now have potlucks outside of work. One law that I want to get on the list is cracked heels in the summertime untreated >> sentencing 5-7 weeks of forceful spa days until cracked heels and dry feet are ready for flip flops and public viewing. You call could name someone that you could lock up right now. It might even be you!

Well, now that I’ve written a chapter out for you. I want to tell you I appreciate those that keep coming back and tuning in, chatting. Special thanks to Ryan Nathaniel Crawford, Wayne Dippel, Prince Silk StJames,Karen Crusher, Scottie Stone-Jervis and so many more that tuned in this week and kisses to many of you that will tune in later.

BIG thank you to Joshua and the Phoenix Movie Bears (JOSH IS TURNING THE BIG 4-0!) and Gabe King Photography.

Until next time, we’ll see you again on another episode of Let’s Have A Fefe. Be sure to share tonight’s episode: