Felicia “Fefe” Minor is most known for her involvement in the community and being crowned Miss Gay SupernovaUSofA Newcomer in 2011.Patrick is the creator of Felicia. Felicia Minor (born October 20) is an aspiring female illusionist.

She made her debut in the fall season of 2007 with the help of some friends and family. She hopes to perform and be in the ranks of those that she has come to admire nationally and more so locally.

According to friends of Minor, she has a vibrant presence and would be great on stage.After moving to Arizona in 2004, Minor has had a little bit of time to discover and learn the ropes and is in the process of working with a mentor. After meeting, now husband, Scott she learned more about being a female illusionist.

She has been practicing and waiting for her moment to shine. Minor has won Fascinations Best Drag Queen honor at Raven Events’ 3rd Annual Red Light District Costume Ball. This was her first win and she was incredibly honored and thrilled. She appreciates the support of, what she calls, herLovey Squad.In 2009, Minor took a leap and participated in five pageants. Even though she was not crowned, she feels that she won more than that. She won the support of her Loveys, friendships, fun and experience. The most important part was the fun!

In 2010, Felicia participated in Barbra Seville’s Newcomer of the Year pageants and won Miss BS West Newcomer and was 3rd alternate in the finale.

In 2011, Felicia took it on step further and competed in Miss Gay Cooper City America and got various awards and was third overall. It was inspiring and Felicia continued the pursuit of entertainment with the Miss Gay Supernova USofA Newcomer 2011 pageant.

While keeping busy from entertaining nationally and internationally, Felicia also enjoys doing great things for the community. She has participated in the “Jail & Bail” campaign for the March of Dimes; fundraiser shows for organizations like 1n10. And looks forward to going forward and doing more in the community.

Minor was born in Oceanside, California. She was the oldest of the two children. Minor also has a sister that currently resides in California.

Her favorite color is pink!

Felicia would like to thank her LoveySquad (her fans), her drag mentors, The Rock, Open Wide Productions for all the support.

If you have any questions, be sure to send a message and Felicia will return a reply as soon as possible.

“Rock your fabulousity! <3” – Felicia! xo

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