Upcoming event: Pride Month starts & it’s YOUR Wednesday night conversation on Let’s Have A Fefe

June is here already and it's PRIDE month! Join Freddy Prinze Charming and me for an all-new episode of Let's Have A Fefe as talk about Pride Month, recap Phoenix Fan Fusion, and so much more on Wed., June 1 at 8 p.m. Arizona time.

Podcast: What in Cat’s Name?, An Artist, A Nerd, and more! on Let’s Have A Fefe (S10 E17)

Guido was in the guest chair when we started but definitely, had a bit of a time getting Brandon connected! We talked about the great time we had a drag bingo + cats at La Gattara Cat Cafe, hair cuts, shows, and things. Guido has been working on setting up fantastic prime-time entertainment at the Phoenix Fan Fusion including the burlesque and signature drag show, Dragstravaganza which includes Freddy and me.

Video: What In Cats’ Name?, An Artist, A Nerd, and more!¬†on Let’s Have A Fefe (S10 E17)

It's been a bit of a week and I am more of a mess than usual -- and it showed today. It was a quick face with no lashes and I think it just could have been a little worse, but I gave it what I have. Anyway, I was still excited to have Guido Martin and Brandon McGill on the show tonight!

Upcoming event: Brandon McGill & Guido Martin give us a sneak peek at Phoenix Fan Fusion on Let’s Have A Fefe

We haven't had guests this season on Let's Have A Fefe, yet! Join Freddy Prinze Charming and me as we welcome our first guests of the season, Brandon McGill and Guido Martin. We are going to be talking about their latest ventures including the upcoming Phoenix Fan Fusion.

Video: What in the Trivia?, Interesting Things & More – Let’s Have A Fefe (S10 E16)

Well, let's just say that after working long hours the last couple of days/weeks. I went for a more natural look that was nothing compared to what Freddy brought before you tonight. I didn't stand a chance at this pageant to start and even more so after tonight. Haha.

Video: The Art of Drag, Our Rights, and more! – Let’s Have A Fefe (S10 E15)

Ready... set... go? I couldn't get my lashes right, but I wasn't the only one, but I definitely have been wearing them longer. Sometimes I feel like it's still my first time trying them on and I know I may never perfect the craft of eyelash wearing ... lol.

Podcast: The latest episodes of Let’s Have A Fefe have been uploaded

https://feed.podbean.com/letshaveafefe/feed.xml If you missed us during the live broadcast or can't find the time to be able to watch the video of the latest episodes of Let's Have A Fefe, you can listen to us on your favorite podcast player. The latest episodes are deep, vulnerable, and full of useful information. Be sure to subscribe … Continue reading Podcast: The latest episodes of Let’s Have A Fefe have been uploaded

Video: Did Freddy Make It, Who Won, & What Next? on S10 E7 of Let’s Have A Fefe

Thank goodness Freddy can now help co-produce the show. There was a struggle behind the scenes of me getting ready. Most days are a struggle but I usually make it by 8 p.m. Though the time was not long ... I was a little late. At least, I didn't ghost y'all though.

Video: United States of Chaos, COVID numbers, vaccines, and more on Let’s Have A Fefe

A request from jail for organic foods, no fly tantrums, and so much more were talked about tonight on this episode of Let's Have A Fefe. We went over but it was so much that we had to talk about and definitely wanted to share.

Video: Hell of a start to 2021, COVID rising, Georgia runoffs, and more on Let’s Have A Fefe

It was a slow news day! You know that we didn't have anything to talk about or report on. We were just going to twiddle our thumbs --- BUT wait! What is this nonsense, this chaos that erupted today, this week.

Upcoming event: The first episode of Let’s Have A Fefe in 2021

It's the first episode of 2021 with Felicia "Fefe" Minor and Freddy Prinze Charming on Let's Have A Fefe. Let's talk about ringing in the New Year, discuss the Georgia Runoffs, and more at 8 p.m. Arizona time/10 EST.

Podcast: Drag Talk Podcast with Felicia “Fefe” Minor of Let’s Have A Fefe & the legendary Kofi on Drag Talk Podcast presented by ArizonaDrag.com

I had the pleasure of being interviewed for Drag Talk Podcast by ArizonaDrag.com's Edward Michael. I didn't know this at the time of recording the interview that I was going to be on the same time as Kofi, a legendary diva and just debuting her own talk show -- what an honor. So two queens who love to talk and entertain! I love it.