This week has definitely been a challenging week for me. It was definitely a show where I needed interaction between friends and sharing a couple of laughs. I did a bit of a stone-cold look as we welcomed our guest artist and author Lee Call to Let’s Have A Fefe.

We talked about weekends… as we ramp up for holiday dinners, holiday travel and such, I am happy for just a little bit of a lull before everything kicks into action and we go full throttle. We then got into the tip as we talked about being a part of the queer community in such a trying time. What are the resources? What can I do for myself to cope with all the challenges, the harms, etc.?

Then after a brief tap into the news, we spoke with our guest artist and author Lee Call. They discussed their children’s book Good Thing He’s Dead). We then later learned that their recent novel The Angel Room has an original or “basic” edition and an extended or special edition. Watch the episode and count how many times they say it’s a collectible.

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