It was the first show of the new year and I literally could not get myself together. I got to the point where I glued my eyebrows down and then.. nothing. Absolutely nothing. Then I grabbed a fit from the closet and called it a day. I think it was leaning on Dwayne Wayne from A Different World. If you don’t know the show Google it. Get familiar! Freddy pulled off an amazing look. Quite the Ice King! Or at least that’s what I imagined it as.

Despite how torn apart I was feeling or more of a mess than usual, it was great to sit and talk with you all. Scottie and the fam welcomed a brand new glam baby into the world, Hailey Jade. She’s such a delight. I also photographed a quince and was a guest on the Melanin Muses Podcast. Laughed as we also welcomed the Dad jokes calendar that I “mysteriously” sent to Freddy over the weekend. Though, I am not sure why his partner was not so fond of the calendar.

Getting to things, Freddy talked about STPs and underwear for them through It was great to learn about the different sizes, options, and underwear there are for trans folx. We learned through his experiences about what was a good fit, its pros, and cons. Freddy answered some questions — even I had questions.

We discussed news headlines including celebs being related to indigenous folx as well as a family history that led back to slave owners. We got into the dirtiness of politics and can’t believe that some are able to lie to their constituents and still hold office. Keep getting up again until you are the speaker of the house. Just a bunch of things going on in the world.

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