Not that I had a particular look or that I was all done up but I felt like I was in much better spirits. It was easier to apply the makeup and get into the swing of things this evening. My look was a simple and fair look while Freddy wore a grand look and had the locks to match. He later professed that they were the golden locks that he grew in two days from some miracle elixir of sorts as we welcomed our guest Kathy Blaze Jefferson.

We talked about our relaxing weekends as we all seemed to enjoy the nice gloomy days. Freddy and I did Sex Trivia Night at Gracie’s Tax Bar and enjoyed the crowd this past weekend. I got my nails and photographed a quinceanera. It was brought to feed that talent and those who are working for you during events. New bumper sticker? “Feed Your Photographers.” Ha ha.

Freddy discussed being the “alternative” parent tonight. Being in a non-traditional family and sharing moments with your children can be a chance for clear communication and explanation of a variety of different things. The alternative family may not be the mainstream family that once occupied our TV but maybe something different. The issues and topics that come up are good to discuss within the limit of the age of your child. More adult topics might be saved for later but “life’s secrets” are not left for “learning during recess” or hearing from a friend.

George Santos ruled our news headlines this evening. We’ve already discussed him not being honest on his resume and saying that he is Jewish when he isn’t. Now, ol’ George is stealing money from homeless vets and their pets — even using an alias to try to cover his tracks. He has now even been able to join the Space and Technology committee as well as the Small Business committee. What the heck? No resignations? No explanations on why this continues to go on? Meanwhile, Huckabee is banning Latinx to be used in Arkansas.

We got through all that and had a chance to get to know Kathy Blaze Jefferson. She is an entertainer, model, actor, and host of her own show. We got to learn more about her start and how she got to where is today and learn about her mission to form and be a part of a community through her show DesertWoodDaze.

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