The look that I chose for this episode didn’t turn out as well as I hope that it would but I got some good photos of it later on — that I think turned out okay. It was my intent to have it look like a shattering disco ball or shattering pieces of glass falling down. Anyway, Freddy killed it with his look as what I called the overworked and underpaid elf that barely made it through the holiday season. We were going for the looks. Ha ha.

We talked about our holidays. They were quite the opposite but I believe that they were happily-ever-after tales nevertheless. With that being said, Freddy gave us some tips about navigating our way to the park, when we get there, and more — like not getting food poisoning. We got an extended bonus version of the tip tonight with a talk of privilege and -isms.

In the news, we talked about the future of Trump’s taxes and the next steps after that. We have seen things not go the way we think they should but some preliminary reporting has shown that it if it was one of us… well, we would be locked up no question. And on the coattails of seeing this report, we talked about “nepto-babies.” Daddy has connections… he’ll take care of it for me.

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