It was a bit of a surprise that I was ready for the show on time this week. I think that the face was somewhat decent as well. I was just as surprised as Freddy and you all were. It’s interesting what a little bit of time can do… haha.

We talked about some of the things this weekend we did and we talked about things that we were set to do. Some of those things that we had planned got canceled due to the rain. And we will be joining you all of Sex Trivia on September 10.

For the tip, we talked about allyship and a bit of gatekeeping. We mainly talked about recent headlines that talked about Demi Lovato. The headlines spoke about how they are now also using she/her pronoun along with they/them pronouns. The internet and some folks that we know were quick to make assumptions and almost take back the claim of support. We talked about allyship, especially within our community and it’s not our responsibility to gatekeep.

We discussed current headlines including the seriousness of monkeypox, COVID-19, Britney Garner, and more.

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