We talked about Phoenix Fan Fusion and being a part of the Dragstravaganza produced by Guido Martin on Friday of the convention. It was an amazing show with thousands of folks in attendance. I was Garnet and Serra Tonan was Jasper. We acted out the scene in the audience and it was a blast. And enjoyed day 2 at the PFF as part of a Drag Story Hour Arizona event, sponsored by Bookmans. That was good as well.

Also talked about etiquette when attending Phoenix Fan Fusion or any convention or conference for all that matters. Pushing folks, getting too close, or touching without consent is just not okay. Wearing deodorant was suggested and so much more.

We discussed the Amber Heard v. Johnny Depp defamation case, got into the anti-LGBTQ bills that are being presented, Queen Elizabeth being the longest-reigning royal person globally, and there is just so much more. We did get a bit into withe guns v. vaginas. We suggested that this might not be shown for folks that are pro-life, vagina-hating, gun bearing/loving folx that vote republican.

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