There were not many struggles with tonight’s show and it seemed to go pretty smooth. I think that it was one of the better episodes, personally. I think that my look came together pretty smooth — and that never happens. I kept playing with my hair and messed it up a little bit. But I survived.

We talked about our busy but fun weekend — except for not being able to go to the bathroom and risking it all for the rain and walking to the restroom. I am sure it could have been worse. And luckily, it didn’t.

Tonight’s tip was informative about ENM or ethical non-monogamous relationships. There are different types of relationships. The importance of communication is key no matter how you and your partners decide to love or be loved.

We talked about current events, politics, and news that you just won’t believe. Did you hear about the drive-thru Apple store? The spare body parts on the Facebook marketplace?

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