VIDEO: My Makeup Eraser Demo + Review

You saw my unboxing video and now I am ready to try it after going to the Arizona’s Diamond Crystal Awards. Check out my demo and I am really sorry about the water running in the video. I will remember that next time.


7 Pitch Perfect Things That Happened to Felicia Minor in 2014

Wow! 2014! When you start a new year, in this case 2014, you start with a “clean slate” and often set resolutions that you are going to be a better person than you were last year. In this case, I told myself if I hadn’t achieved the success that I wanted in my drag career…

#FefeDirty30 Weekend: Gay Marriage, Spotlight On and more!

Wow! In one word, that is how the weekend describes the weekend that I have been having. Most people dispise the fact that they are getting older. For me, I don’t think I mind — well I mind a little when gravity starts placing things where they didn’t used to be.

Upcoming Event: The Boxtrolls in 3D with @MovieBears

Tempe, AZ — This week Felicia “Fefe” Minor and Freddy Prinze Charming are taking a small break to hang out with members of the movie social group, Phoenix Movie Bears. Instead of their live broadcast this week, they will be attending a showing of The Boxtrolls in Real 3D at AMC Centerpoint 11 in Tempe….

20 Uses for Felicia Minor

1. A warrior in the inner-galactic gay rights battle.  2. Stunt double for Hannibal in Hannibal: The Musical/Silence of the Lamb. 3. Hunt “cheat-ahs” in the wild. 4. Forecast the weather — a storms a brewin’ between two bitches! 5. Calling bitches out on their shit! 6. Scaring off haters. 7. Taking the children to…