Upcoming event: Drag Story Hour AZ at Copper Queen Library in Bisbee, AZ

Drag Queen Story Hour (DQSH) is just what it sounds like—drag performers reading stories to children in libraries, schools, and bookstores. DQSH captures the imagination and play of the gender fluidity of childhood and gives kids glamorous, positive, and unabashedly queer role models. In spaces like this, kids are able to see people who defy rigid gender restrictions and imagine a world where people can present as they wish, where dress up is real.

PHOTOS: Drag Bingo + Cats at La Gattara Cat Lounge in Tempe

I had an amazing time hosting the last Drag Bingo + Cats of 2019 at La Gattara Cat Lounge in Tempe with Freddy Prinze Charming.

Upcoming Gig: Holiday Drag Bingo presented by NARAL Pro-Choice Arizona

I look forward to see you as Mister USofA MI Classic 2019 Freddy Prinze Charming and I host Holiday Drag Bingo presented by NARAL Pro-Choice Arizona at Irene's Tap Room at 5 p.m. on Dec. 14. See you soon!

Sneak Peek: Felicia Minor – A Retrospective

eck out this photo from Logan Lowrey-Rasmussen of me. It's a sneak peek into the "Felicia Minor: A Retrospective" series.

Happy October!

First photo from the photoshoot with Polaroid Phoenix! I can't wait to see more! xx

Behind-the-Scenes: #SelFefe with Logan Lowrey-Rasmussen after photoshoot

#SELFEFE FROM THE session with Logan Lowrey-Rasmussen. Can’t wait to see the photos. We had a fabulous time talking about my early years and Mariah Carey's discography, career and more!

PHOTOS: Sold out crowd for NARAL Pro-Choice Arizona Drag Bingo at Irene’s Tap Room in Phoenix

HAD AN AMAZING time co-hosting the NARAL Pro-Choice Arizona's Drag Bingo at Irene's Tap Room with Freddy Prinze Charming last night! Great seeing some bingo regulars like Joan, Lee-ann, Kerry & Korri. Also great making new friends. Thanks Sharon, Tamara and NARAL Pro-Choice Arizona for allowing us to help you raise money for a great cause.