AFTER A GREAT Q&A session with you all last week, it was great to be back in the groove of things and chatting it up as we always do for episode 25 of this season. Wow, where did the time go.

We talked about about melting and enjoying the Phoenix Pride parade and festival. It was definitely a hot one, but great to see some of you on Sunday.

Freddy talked about what’s really not good to start hormones unless you’ve consulted with a doctor and what some of the affects are by not taking hormones seriously or correctly.

We learned that people can be weird and committ weirder crimes even if they think they can outrun the police on a hoverboard. Then after the weirdness — Freddy spilled the T.

It was a great night! Great conversation! Great laughs!

Special thanks to Karen Crusher, Scottie Stone-Jervis, Gabriel, Gabe, Ryanfor tuning in and chatting with us.

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