Upcoming Event: Dragalcious Sunday at Bumsted’s in Tucson, Arizona #FefeBirthdayMonth

I am back from New York City and ready to kick off my first performance of my birthday month at Bumsted's in Tucson for Dragalicious Sunday. The show is being guest hosted by Miss AGRA Candidate Dirtee X and Mr. Gay Painted Desert USofA at Large Randy Wilde.

Upcoming event: St. Catty’s Day Drag Bingo + Cats at La Gattara Cat Cafe in Phoenix on Fri., Mar. 18

It's a SOLD OUT event! Freddy Prinze Charming and I are celebrating St. Patrick's Day with a special St. Catty's Day edition of Drag Bingo + Cats tonight (Mar. 18) starting at 7 p.m. in Phoenix. We play three special rounds of bingo with chances to win cat-themed prizes. We also have an opportunity to win prizes by purchasing raffle tickets.

PHOTOS: Just the Tip Sex Trivia Night at Gracie’s Tax Bar on Dec. 18

Thanks to all who came out to Just the Tip: Sex Trivia Night at Gracie's Tax Bar in Phoenix on Sat., Dec. 18. See you again on Sat., Jan. 29 at 8 p.m.

#FollowFriday: Connect with some of the cast of Kristofer + Krew Gives Back

As we are getting ready for the weekend and you all are getting to attend events like Kristofer + Krew Gives Back benefitting Phoenix Pride and Arizona Theatre Company, I think we should follow or connect.

PHOTOS: New photos from David Martinez, “There, Flamingoes”

Be on the lookout for the audacious pink flamingo that may be making her way around your town. Ha ha! I want to share with you the fun and quirky photo shoot that I did with David Martinez this year. Here are the first three photos of the series that Martinez is working on.

Video: Season Finale of Let’s Have A Fefe

I can't believe that we are ended the ninth season of Let's Have A Fefe with Felicia "Fefe" Minor and Freddy Prinze Charming. There was not really a creative break between the eighth and ninth season so it quickly became a blur. It'll be good to take a break and adjust to what will be life.

Video: Reading with Elected Officials presented by Drag Story Hour – Arizona celebrating Arizona’s 109th birthday

On Feb. 28, I joined Miss Nature for the Drag Story Hour - Arizona's Reading with Elected Officials. We had selections read to us by Arizona Representatives Andres Cano, Daniel Hernandez, Jr. and Sunnyslope School District Board member Matthew Taylor.

Video: Felicia “Fefe” Minor & Thierry V. Alexandre talk marketing, branding on Makeup Marketing Monday

I had the opportunity to talk with Thierry V. Alexandre on his Makeup Marketing Monday today. We talked about personal branding, content creation, marketing, and more. Thierry host these focused discussions to help makeup artist and beauty entrepreneurs develop their brands, their social media presence and more.

Upcoming event: Makeup Marketing Monday with Thierry V. Alexandre

On Monday, Feb. 15, I am joining Thierry V. Alexandre for his Makeup Marketing Monday on Facebook Live. Thierry regularly hosts Makeup Marketing Monday to talk about beauty and makeup with special guest.

Book Felicia “Fefe” Minor to host your next virtual event

Want to plan a fun event with your family, virtually? Hosting a virtual event for your company? Let's connect and coordinate a customized one of a kind of event for you, your friends and your family. It'll be a great time. Whether we are playing trivia, bingo, hosting a happy hour on Skype, Zoom, etc. -- the possibilities are endless!

Video: LGBTQ+ Country artist and songwriter Drake Jensen on Let’s Have A Fefe

Tonight we missed Freddy as he couldn't join us for the show and hope he feels better soon. But unintentionally the show turned into a two hour special with Drake Jensen as he joined us from his cabin in Canada for YOUR Wednesday night conversation. It was not intentional but I can say that audience participation was up, Many of them fangirling, especially when he began to sing.

Upcoming event: Reading with Elected Officials: A Celebration of Arizona’s 109th Birthday, presented by Drag Story Hour – Arizona

I am excited to be able to co-host the Reading with Elected Officials: A Celebration of Arizona's 109th Birthday, presented by Drag Story Hour - Arizona on Sunday, February 28, 2021 at 12 p.m. Arizona time. I will be co-hosting with Miss Nature.

Video: Hell of a start to 2021, COVID rising, Georgia runoffs, and more on Let’s Have A Fefe

It was a slow news day! You know that we didn't have anything to talk about or report on. We were just going to twiddle our thumbs --- BUT wait! What is this nonsense, this chaos that erupted today, this week.

Upcoming event: The first episode of Let’s Have A Fefe in 2021

It's the first episode of 2021 with Felicia "Fefe" Minor and Freddy Prinze Charming on Let's Have A Fefe. Let's talk about ringing in the New Year, discuss the Georgia Runoffs, and more at 8 p.m. Arizona time/10 EST.

Video: Daniel Moreno, host of the Other You podcast, on Let’s Have A Fefe

Have you ever wondered what if? Well tonight we sit down with Daniel Moreno of the Other You podcast on tonight's episode of Let's Have A Fefe.

Video: Drag Story Hour – Arizona & Flagstaff Public Library story hour, hosted by Felicia “Fefe” Minor

I had a blast reading a collection of books that show the beauty in differences for a collaborative story hour between Drag Story Hour - Arizona and Flagstaff Public Library. Please share your favorite moments in the comments below. I would love to hear from you!

Video: Freddy Prinze Charming gives us an update on the latest lingo on Let’s Have A Fefe

In the latest episode of Let's Have A Fefe with Felicia "Fefe" Minor and Freddy Prinze Charming, Freddy gives us the update on the latest slang and their definition.

Video: S9 E4 – Toy Maintenance, Shenanigans from the White House and more! – Let’s Have A Fefe

I think that this episode went pretty well and we jammed a lot of information into it. And you liked it. The only thing that I might have missed up on is remembering to say Freddy's name at the beginning of the show. But you already knew him right?

Video: Orange v. COVID, Voting, etc. – Let’s Have A Fefe | #YOURWedNightConvo

I am little late posting the latest episode of Let's Have A Fefe with Felicia "Fefe" Minor & Freddy Prinze Charming. It was a good episode. It was full of discussion of the Oompa Loompa in charge, COVID 19, Black Lives Matters and debates.

Upcoming event: Join the conversation on Let’s Have A Fefe #YourWedNightConvo

Join Freddy Prinze Charming and me for an all-new episode of Let's Have A Fefe with Felicia "Fefe" Minor & Freddy Prinze Charming tomorrow night (Oct. 7) at 8 p.m Arizona time. We have lots to talk about... the news alone is overflowing.