Video: Rainbows, Majik, and Unicorns too! – Let’s Have A Fefe (S10 E14)

Tonight was an interesting night. It was Star Wars Day and I think the force was working against us. We got off to a good start and then the internet connectivity started lagging and then decided that it didn't want to work anymore.

Upcoming event: Adam Awbride join us on Let’s Have A Fefe

It's YOUR Wednesday night conversation! This week we have Adam Awbride joining us for an all-new episode of Let's Have A Fefe with Felicia "Fefe" MInor & Freddy Prinze Charming. Learn how he is flexing his marketing muscles as an adult film artist.

VIDEO: Artist & entertainer Chayle and guest host Patricia Mason on Let’s Have A Fefe

We missed Freddy this week and hope that he returns in one piece. This week, in his absence, we had special guest host Patricia Mason join us as we welcome special guest Chayle -- pronounced KUH-lee.

Video: Artist, Body Painter and Photographer Brandon McGill on Let’s Have A Fefe

Ha ha... it was another night of good laughs. This time we had our friend, artist, body painter and photographer Brandon McGill joining us. It was all about him from the very beginning. Ha ha. I am kidding but it was a great conversation!

Video: Hell of a start to 2021, COVID rising, Georgia runoffs, and more on Let’s Have A Fefe

It was a slow news day! You know that we didn't have anything to talk about or report on. We were just going to twiddle our thumbs --- BUT wait! What is this nonsense, this chaos that erupted today, this week.

Video: The Decent, the Horrible, and the Worst of 2020 on Let’s Have A Fefe

And just like that we are at the last episode of Let's Have A Fefe in 2020. A time to reflect on what went on with us personally as well as some world wide things. It has been an incredible year that showed us how resilient we can be, where we want to go and in some cases showed progress on how we were getting there.

Video: Daniel Moreno, host of the Other You podcast, on Let’s Have A Fefe

Have you ever wondered what if? Well tonight we sit down with Daniel Moreno of the Other You podcast on tonight's episode of Let's Have A Fefe.