It was a slow news day! You know that we didn’t have anything to talk about or report on. We were just going to twiddle our thumbs — BUT wait! What is this nonsense, this chaos that erupted today, this week.

We talked about welcoming the new year. While most of us were home celebrating. Even some celebrating with the fireworks that cause a bad air day for a couple of days. Even worse than my allergies and asthma not enjoying it, there were people having maskless celebrations, circuit parties, cruise boats that were loaded with people during this holiday weekend. Don’t forget that Arizona Governor Doug Ducey’s son was seen at a party — maskless and not socially distant.

I guess I am the only one that knows there is a pandemic going on. We learned that Arizona is not just number one in the United States, but in the world with the most COVID-19 cases. Arizona is beating out countries with a larger population per capita and aren’t able to really socially distance themselves in some parts.

In other parts of the country, terrorists referred to as ‘patriots,’ ‘protesters’ were let into the Capitol building destroying property, breaking into offices and doing damage. They were eventually forced to leave but that’s not before one put their feet up on Pelosi’s desk, another stealing a podium, and sadly a woman shot in the neck and later dieing. This event sparked by Agent Orange encouraging them to fight to overturn the votes for President-elect Joe Biden.

This event showed us the true colors of America — racism. The people “that broke through” the barricades were basically escorted throughout the capital and referred to as very fine people, special people and that they were loved. Meanwhile, Black Lives Matter movement protesters where beaten, dragged and arrested. They had a full scale military presence. Today, we didn’t see the National Guard in full effect until ordered by the mayor of Washington D.C.

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