We missed Freddy this week and hope that he returns in one piece. This week, in his absence, we had special guest host Patricia Mason join us as we welcome special guest Chayle — pronounced KUH-lee.

It’s been awhile since we have seen fan-favorite Patricia Mason. Tonight we caught up with her and found out what she has been up to since we last saw her. It sounds like she is doing pretty well — new career, new digs and more.

With that we jumped into talking about getting nostalgic with reboots and old TV shows — and getting older with those who you grew up with and how it’s affecting us. We also got into how Patricia was commemorating the St. Patrick’s Day holiday.

Then we got to talking about hate crimes against Asian Americans including in Atlanta where a hate crime was committed. Leaving us wondering… why is it always an angry white man? We came to the conclusion that we need to educate people more to cure the ignorance. We also talked about the outrage around getting the stimulus later others and what we are going to do with our stimulus.

We got to talk with Chayle about how she got started with music and doing what she is passionate about — music. It took one thing to get her moving forward after not even sharing her music with people in public at all. We even listened and dove into her latest single Cheater Cheater.

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