Ha ha… it was another night of good laughs. This time we had our friend, artist, body painter and photographer Brandon McGill joining us. It was all about him from the very beginning. Ha ha. I am kidding but it was a great conversation!

We talked about the halftime show at the Super Bowl or “Superb Owl” as it was referred to. I think that this was a heated discussion for Freddy. Key takeaways from the rant: don’t do a show in a jacket you ordered from Wish while claiming that you spent $7 million of your own money. We did talk about expectations for female entertainers vs. male entertainers as well.

Then we dived into so ways that you can celebrate the holiday of love. There were many things that were discussed but a fave among those joining the conversation. The fave was more about the erotic fan fiction. Ha ha. Then someone suggested Let’s Have A Fefe erotic fan fiction. We hesitate but let’s see what you got!

Then we talked about the impeachment trial, Greene losing it and being voted off of committees, syrup name changes and Black History oopsies in Utah. All things that bring you up to speed on current events and we are still steady with COVID numbers even though many are getting vaccinated in Arizona every day.

The conversation continued with our guest Brandon McGill. He talked about all the things he has going on including finishing up the Tarot card deck along with a surprise announcement of Freddy Prinze Charming joining the deck. What a deck! Ha ha.

Watch the full episode at youtube.com/letshaveafefe or facebook.com/letshaveafefe.