Have you ever wondered what if? Well tonight we sit down with Daniel Moreno of the Other You podcast on tonight’s episode of Let’s Have A Fefe.

We first jumped into the conversation to talk about gift giving on a budget. We talked about giving gifts to those who have birthdays close to the holidays and the not to do’s. Many things can be gifted with good intention, no matter where they come from.

With a closer look into current events, we discussed the standing ovation for the electoral college and Hillary Clinton agrees with us that it past it’s expiration date. The electoral college is outdated and no longer needed. We also talked about COVID vaccinations, updates on the rising numbers and the recent aspiring heroes encouraging the vaccine — though they opposed the coronavirus prior to the vaccine coming out.

Thereafter we talked with the host of the podcast “Other You,” Daniel Moreno. We find out how he got inspired to write and how it led to a pretty creative career. It was interested to learn more about him and how he created the podcast. I also asked him about other ventures that he has going on. There might be ventures with that in the near future. Stay tuned!

Watch the full episode at youtube.com/letshaveafefe and facebook.com/letshaveafefe.