Getting an early start on celebrating Black Music Month by raising funds for the Foundation for Black Heritage & Culture

On May 22, I was looking for a way to celebrate Black Music Month by supporting an organization that supports the arts, music and more in the black community. I found one that caught my eye after searching for a little bit and landed on the Foundation for Black Heritage and Culture. The foundation helps support the community through music, arts, and more and is based out of Houston, TX, and was founded by Richard Andrews in 2012. They are also the The Houston Black Heritage Music & Arts Festival.

Upcoming event: GLSEN Phoenix presents Pride Month Q-Trivia hosted by Felicia Minor & Freddy Prinze Charming

Come and join GLSEN Phoenix for the reboot of their annual Q-Trivia Night at Kobalt in Phoenix, hosted by Freddy Prinze Charming & Felicia Minor.

Movember Monday! (Day 13)

#MovemberMonday! We passed our $200 goal and now we are aiming for $500! I appreciate any kind of contribution to this #Movember fundraiser. Awesome peeps who have been supportive: Joan, Brandon, Lee-ann,Juling, and Nestlé -- thank you! ❤ DONATE TODAY! 

Upcoming Shows: Leather, Lace & Moobs!

Hey there LOVES! Here are a couple of shows that have been added to my calendar and I hope to see you there!

Help Fund Felicia Minor’s Journey to the Entertainer of the Year National pageant

Dear Friends, Family and Fans: As you know entertaining is one of my many passions. I recently competed in the Southwest Entertainer of the Year National pageant. I was awarded 2nd Alternate to Miss Southwest EOY, Zonnique Glam Demornay. I am fortunate to have promoters that have allowed me to compete in the national competition … Continue reading Help Fund Felicia Minor’s Journey to the Entertainer of the Year National pageant

Newtown, CT

The so many lights went out today in Newtown, CT.


My National Coming Out Day Statement

To be proud of yourself, who you are and what you stand for is a major accomplishment. Being comfortable in your own skin without a care in the world.

Sometime being yourself and being accepted can be a battle between yourself, your family and the world around you.

EVENT: Birthday Bash Fundraiser w/ Dida Ritz!

HERO Roast and Toast – Hosted By F. Minor

Join HERO as we TOAST inspirational leaders in our community! You will also have the opportunity to tell HERO how you feel as you ROAST the organization and Steering Committee! Want to tell Meg Sneed what you think of her sweater vest collection, or reveal your crush on Jason Hoppe – this is your chance! … Continue reading HERO Roast and Toast – Hosted By F. Minor

Supernova Sunday: Support Team Supernova!

Supernova Sunday: Goin’ Miss You O’Girl

Just a Little Love

Together as a community we can come together to show Peace, Love, Unity & Respect. Many members of the community have already started planning fundraisers for our two dear friends of the community Wes & Savannah who suffered a physical attack and disrupted their everyday life, there attacker may have attacked them physically, but he … Continue reading Just a Little Love

10/20: #SpiritDay #BDay

TONIGHT: Jeff’s Fundraiser for SW Center for HIV/AIDS

VOTE on Thank Gaga It’s Friday!

Thank Gaga It's Friday! Speaking of Gaga... VOTE FOR Glenn Storm to be the GAGA VIP Blogger! Uh...sounds like a BIG DEAL cause IT IS! Click the link and tell your friends! ♥ Related Articles YouTube Gets Fans Closer To Lady Gaga (

RECAP: Southwest Center for HIV/AIDS Fundraising show

The benefit show turned out to be a blast and a great time for me and the girls of Open Wide Productions. We presented the folks from Southwest Center for HIV/AIDS a picture that they are going to hang in their new facility! We are going to be fundraising for them all year long. On … Continue reading RECAP: Southwest Center for HIV/AIDS Fundraising show

#AIDSWalkPhoenix & Rainbows

Hey there dolls! Today was a good day! I started off by charging off to Charlies in Phoenix. They hosted Barbra Seville's Wonderful 100 team meet up and breakfast. It was great. I was on orange juice detail. Hehe. After a big team rally, we headed off to the Light Rail. I had never taken … Continue reading #AIDSWalkPhoenix & Rainbows


Please take a moment to sponsor me for the Phoenix AIDS Walk!