My National Coming Out Day Statement

To be proud of yourself, who you are and what you stand for is a major accomplishment. Being comfortable in your own skin without a care in the world. Sometime being yourself and being accepted can be a battle between yourself, your family and the world around you.

The start of a new off-key melody

Last night during the show, I made an announcement that I will be stepping away from the Open Wide Wednesday stage. To all of friends, family and Open Wide fans, thank you for your continuous love and support throughout almost three years with Open Wide Productions. It’s been fun growing and learning from experiences and … Continue reading The start of a new off-key melody

HERO Roast and Toast – Hosted By F. Minor

Join HERO as we TOAST inspirational leaders in our community! You will also have the opportunity to tell HERO how you feel as you ROAST the organization and Steering Committee! Want to tell Meg Sneed what you think of her sweater vest collection, or reveal your crush on Jason Hoppe – this is your chance! … Continue reading HERO Roast and Toast – Hosted By F. Minor

Truth is…

Truth is... I started to this journey to help myself, not to walk in someone else's footsteps, to be compared or to de-throne anyone. It's more of self-discovery, a chance to learn more about myself. It's the thrill about discovering some thing new about myself every time.  Challenge yourself to learn some thing new about … Continue reading Truth is…