Tonight, we kicked off the eleventh season of Let’s Have A Fefe. It turned out that so much needed to be done before the show that my wig was barely on. My lashes were on with just the last bits of glue that I had left. But somehow, some way… the show began on time!

REWIND THAT! We gave a quick be kind and rewind perspective of what we have been up to including involving ourselves in Drag Story Hour, Drag Bingo shenanigans, traveling to New York City and so much more. Then we jumped on into it.

Learning about folx who aren’t as “experted” as a sex expert should be. There are some basics of sex ed that everyone should know. And we get these folx at sex trivia nights who claim they are sex experts — but never get a question right, even middle school questions of the basic anatomy.

What is going on with Kanye? How much does Alex Jones owe? Is there going to be an Arizona governor’s race? Listen to the latest episode to find out what happened and how other things are going on in the world.

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