Want to join me in supporting a good cause? I’m raising money for RespectAbility for Disability Pride Month. This organization is working toward inclusion and diversity. They are helping to fight stigmas and advance opportunities so people with disabilities can participate in all aspects of the community, including the LGBTQIA+ community. Your contribution will make an impact, whether you donate $5 or $500. Every little bit helps. Thank you for your support. Here’s some more info about RespectAbility below.

Donate here: https://www.facebook.com/donate/333923701515485/4676010395745733/

Led by people with disabilities and our allies, RespectAbility fights stigmas and advances opportunities so that people with disabilities can fully participate in all aspects of community. With your support RespectAbility can help:

  • Children with disabilities get the education and training they need to succeed
  • Reduce the “school-to-prison” pipeline for youth with disabilities
  • Expand job and career opportunities for people with disabilities
  • Stop stigmas and bullying of people with disabilities.

Please make your tax-deductible donation on Facebook now so that people with disabilities have the opportunity to get an education, earn an income and achieve independence, just like anyone else.

Donate here: https://www.facebook.com/donate/333923701515485/4676010395745733/

Thank you in advance for your donation!Facebook pays all the processing fees for you, so 100% of your donation goes directly to the nonprofit. Plus, Facebook has reviewed this nonprofit to confirm that it’s authentic.