A request from jail for organic foods, no fly tantrums, and so much more were talked about tonight on this episode of Let’s Have A Fefe. We went over but it was so much that we had to talk about and definitely wanted to share.

We talked about being emotionally drained and grieving after the Capitol riots last week. Leaving us filled with just a “meh” feeling and how this is not just about unity, healing it. It was about seeing what some of our fellow citizens are all about. And is this where we want to go.

Tonight we got into the fun with some more adult things than we have in a while. We talked about negotiating a scene or kink play between partners. It was a chance for me to sit back and learn more about contracts, lines of communication, dungeon monitors — not dungeon masters. Be sure to know your limits and not just say you’re open to anything. And if someone is new to the scene then they should be able to get “a sampler.”

In current events, it was a case of white privilege that run rampant and I wish that I was making this up. First, the tantrums that were thrown as those who participated in the Capitol riots last week were escorted off by police as they found out that they are on the no fly list as they try to go back home. Then we have the “dude with the horns” who is demanding organic food from jail, an Olympian involved in the charge and more.

Biggest news of the day is Agent Orange being impeached for the second time. Therefore making history as the first president to be impeached twice and also the first president banned from multiple social apps including Grindr! All this happening while COVID numbers continue to go up! And government officials not enforcing any mask mandates or lockdowns. Good news, educators are starting to get their vaccinations.

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