Video: The Decent, the Horrible, and the Worst of 2020 on Let’s Have A Fefe

And just like that we are at the last episode of Let's Have A Fefe in 2020. A time to reflect on what went on with us personally as well as some world wide things. It has been an incredible year that showed us how resilient we can be, where we want to go and in some cases showed progress on how we were getting there.

Video: This is not a test, ha ha.. It’s episode 2 of Let’s Have A Fefe #YOURWedNightConvo

We started off the second episode of the ninth season without a hiccup! But this time, this time I forgot to change the title but it's okay. We still had a good show! You could hear us and see us. I am also learning how to showcase the comments throughout the show.

Video: We were back for an all-new episode of Let’s Have A Fefe!

After a week of moving and taking time off from the show! We were back to it and ready to have our Wednesday night conversation. Discussing the issues that matter most to you -- like police brutality, police reform, COVID-19, and so much more.

Video: WTH? WTF? Masks, Lost & Found Dog, and more on Let’s Have A Fefe

Tonight we talked about the great events of over the weekend include Kings of Arizona show, Drag Story Hour, Virtual Arizona Pride events and more! Then we delve into "facts," to lead us to still think that we are not out of the danger zone just yet.