We started talking “backstage” and started like a minute late. Ha ha, but it was great being able to talk with Dahli again on the tonight’s episode of Let’s Have A Fefe.

First, we got into all the things like me seeing a boat parade for the first time and asking if you hang your Christmas lights around the tree or horizontally. Yes, I saw it online. Just wondered if anyone else did it. Ha ha.

Then, we got into the topic of toxic masculinity and the imaginary measurement of how to be a man. It can be dangerous. It shouldn’t be forced on children or excuses like “boys will be boys” should be used. I gave an example of feeling like “manly” things were forced on me and definitely feeling like I couldn’t live up to those things.

We talked about the latest in COVID numbers, politicians sharing their diseases and disappearing objects and reappearing objects in the latest current events.

We got to talk with our special guest, Dahli or Dadli. We discussed the journey of being in the music business and how that affected them. We get into what a world the music industry can be. We learn how drag became another creative outlet, surprised about their drag evolution and how this evolution was sparked by and fanned the flame.

Watch the full episode at youtube.com/letshaveafefe or facebook.com/letshaveafefe.