Yesterday, I woke and totally realized that I was kicking off the first installment of Third Saturdays brought to you by Virtual Arizona Pride. I know, sometimes I am a little late to the party. But I eventually show up!

I had a fabulous time reading for you all at Drag Story Hour – Arizona’s Virtual Story Hour with Felicia Minor, sponsored by Bookmans Entertainment Exchange. If you didn’t get to see it the video is above. I loved this selection and variety. The audience participation was amazing.

Here are the books I read:

Sandy’s outfit on the cover of “Sightseeing with Sandy: Fun in the Bahamian Sun” inspired the look at the Drag Story Hour Arizona’s Virtual Story Hour with Felicia Minor as part of Virtual Arizona Pride’s Third Saturday. This event was also sponsored by Bookmans Entertainment Exhchange. You can get “Sightseeing” on Amazon at

I loved reading the books. I especially loved reading “Sightseeing with Sandy: Fun in the Bahamian Sun,” by Shambrekiá Wise & Sandiya Badmus. I have had the chance to connect with Shambrekia via a free masterclass by Paul Carrick Brunson. She talked about how to get the book off the ground. Things lead to me reading her book on the virtual story hour as well as a contest with Drag Story Hour – Arizona.

At the time of this blog being published, the contest is still running:

Don’t forget to your gift cards at Bookmans to support Drag Story Hour – Arizona.

You can buy Bookmans gift cards online. To donate them to Drag Story Hour, When making the purchase, put our information in the company name, street address (P. O. Box 1401, 101 N. Colorado St., Chandler AZ 85225), and email ( In the Order Notes field, put “Gift Card Donation to Drag Story Hour- Arizona” and your email and we will send you a donation receipt. You can also email us directly with a screenshot of your donation and we send you a donation receipt.

Thanks for stopping by and look forward to reading with you soon!