A great night of conversation with Miss Cruisin 7th & President of Trans Spectrum, Serra Tonan. We talked about a lot different things.

Celebration! My glam baby had her first steps on her own today. The bummer, I didn’t record it cause I was so amazed and shocked. More glam-ma shout outs to come! Kimberly joined us on Patreon! We are now at nine patrons. You can join us at patreon.com/letshaveafefe. We also raised money for our fundraiser at Southwest Center for HIV/AIDS.

We talked about tough it is to be in self-isolation and it’s okay to not be okay. We experienced some mask shaming and some neighbors losing their minds as the state slowly reopens. It’s okay to feel nervous, comfortable and to keep wearing your masks if you want to. Do what you feel is right for you. It’s tough as we see Arizona and other states opening up that the numbers are rising. Personally, I am still fearing it.

We also talked about all the legends we lost this week — Little Richard, Jerry Stiller, Betty Wright and Andre Harrell. Such a shock to lose so many legends in a week.

Don’t worry, we didn’t forget our special guest Serra Tonan. She talked about her journey to drag, just barely a year ago and then winning Miss Cruisin’ 7th. We got to learn about how she got involved in Trans Spectrum and is now president. What a journey!

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