OH. MY. GOODNESS! What another amazing show! We are just rolling with these amazing guests, amazing topics this season. It was great to have our amazing guest Mia Inez Adams on the show. Not a moment when weren’t laughing our asses off!

We started off with the weekend recap or something. I wasn’t sure where to go or what to do — all I wanted to do was laugh! Then something about Vegas, pushing, shoving… I didn’t get it.

It was all pretty much gravy from there we learned that your vagina is not good for slow cooking, making your own yogurt, getting creative and making your own ice cream or to absorb your liquor — or making fruit cocktails. EEEK!

We also learned that putting your vagina on your babies face just sounds wrong is damn right wrong to torture your baby twice. Though it sounds like the Adams family will be through this soon… and they are fighting over who might be going first. Maybe they aren’t fighting… maybe they are avoiding it. I am not sure.

Then we learned about Mia’s humble beginnings, drag queen name changes, discussed drag families, how I didn’t listen to her and there’s still no room for me in her drag family, and how her success still translates today. (I am just summarizing… if you didn’t see the vid-it-eo, then you need watch)

SOOOOOOO much laughing and having a good, wholesome time. Ha!

Special thanks to Kathie Blood-Arnold, Ryan Nathaniel Crawford, Wayne Dippel, Vivica Slick, Dolphine Alezandria Cortez and more that tuned in for tonight’s episode and others that will watch later.

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