WHERE DO I BEGIN? My goodness… we had so much to talk about that we didn’t even get to everything… it’s going to spill a little bit into the next show. I hope that you will join us.

FOR THE RECORD >> we didn’t have an hiccups or anything this episode… the sound was working and no echo. It was a great show.
We got in deep and learned about BDSM and how it worked. It was awesome looking at some of the work and learning some of the terminology. Wow! Who would have guessed? There’s more kinkiness that we need to be out there exploring. (Wonder if Scottie would into trying some of these?)
Anyway… then we got into the weird and wackiness of the news. Can’t believe that most of that stuff happens.
THEN I jumped on the soapbox and went after the BEY-haters and the people that being pro-black is offensive. It went on for a hot minute and we showed some videos — makes you want to reach out and touch someone.
We also discussed the unfortunate death of trans* man Kayden Clarke and discuss the alternative ways things could have been handled and let you all know about the vigil that’s being held in his honor, in remembrance. Celebrate his life. I still can’t believe it happened.. not that far from me.
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BIG THANK YOU to Karen Crusher, Ryan Nathaniel Crawford (again great screenshots… even while working? Shhh.. we won’t tell anyone), Wayne Dippel, Scottie Stone-Jervis, Brandy and many more that tuned in and will watch later on.