Last night during the show, I made an announcement that I will be stepping away from the Open Wide Wednesday stage.

To all of friends, family and Open Wide fans, thank you for your continuous love and support throughout almost three years with Open Wide Productions. It’s been fun growing and learning from experiences and sharing laughs on Open Wide Wednesdays. Joining the Open Wide showcase, Gogo V. Berlynn, who has graciously accepted and you’ll love her, her style.

Please understand that my reasons for leaving the Open Wide stage are personal reasons and I am not cutting the ribbon on my career as a female impersonator. During this time, I hope that I continue to grow as an entertainer with great pursuit of tremendous adventure and opportunities. I will gladly accept bookings for shows and public & private events.Special thanks to Pandora DeStrange (Scott Pierce), the Show Director & Entertainment Coordinator of TheRock, for allowing me the great opportunity to “twirl” on the stage every Wednesday and look for many opportunities to “twirl” again soon. Michael & Doug, the owners of The Rock, thanks again for the opportunity for us have creative liberty on the stage and having an open heart for Open Wide Productions.Victoria K. Bacon, since the beginning… we’ve been through it and for having the skill and heart to put up with my wild ideas, twists and turns. There will be plenty of thought sessions in the future.

Stay tuned! Thanks once again to everyone for the love and support. Looking forward to the future! Let’s rock that fabulousity! ♥