The start of a new off-key melody

Last night during the show, I made an announcement that I will be stepping away from the Open Wide Wednesday stage. To all of friends, family and Open Wide fans, thank you for your continuous love and support throughout almost three years with Open Wide Productions. It’s been fun growing and learning from experiences and … Continue reading The start of a new off-key melody

Supernova Sunday: A Reflection of Ourselves

Just remember that having a bad attitude and thinking that disrespecting other people is okay... is not okay.

VIDEO: Felicia Minor & Open Wide Wednesdays

Sexy Lovey Saturday: Visualeyes Model Search on March 28!


Off-Key Adventures: Dragtini Wednesday

Thank you to those that came out to Dragtini Wednesday this week.  This week we celebrated the excellence of Miss Gay Arizona America 2011 - Celia Putty and her 1st alternate, Miss Gay Phoenix America 2011 - Tyra Marie. Tonight it was all about letting people see the numbers that make us each excellent but … Continue reading Off-Key Adventures: Dragtini Wednesday

TONIGHT: Showgirlz: A Family Affair