Scottsdale, AZ — At almost every show we, as drag queen entertainers, here the women in the audience say, “You’re so gorgeous! I wish I could look like that for just one night!”

On Wednesday, we got two biological women to volunteer to be made over into a diva. We had them pick their costumes and have fun with the night. We judged them on Originality, Lip Sync, Audience Participation & Overall performance.

Tricia, Divas a la Mode Winner, sings 'At Last' originally by Etta James

Tricia was singing it up with the live music and engaging the audience. You could tell that she was loving the stage and the spotlight on her. She sang at “At Last” by Etta James that just made the whole audience tear up. To say the least, Tricia swept up the competition.

Amanda, the competitor went home with a smile and said that she had a great time and would be back for more!

If you are a biological woman that wants to feel the power of a diva for just one night, add the Facebook page and comment on the page. We will definitely get in contact with you!