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Open Wide Productions presents a variety show with great entertainment called Dragtini. Dragtini consists of the cast of Open Wide Productions (Victoria K. Bacon, Chanel Knowles & Felicia Minor) and this week’s special guests Kayla Krawford & Eryka Douglas Knowles.


All adults over the age of 21 are invited to attend this festive event held by Open Wide Productions in collaboration with Forbidden Nightclub.


Special guests Kayla Krawford and Eryka Douglas Knowles are both decorated drag queens with National Titles. Kayla Krawford has recently earned the title of Miss Gay UsofA. Eryka Douglas Knowles has recently earned the title of Miss Arizona UsofA At-Large. Both are great leaders in the community.


Specialized dragtinis are being served. These martinis, classically named “Dragtinis”, will be served. It is recommended that you get a taste of each of the Dragtinis the Victoria Bacontini, Chanel Knowlestini, or Felicia Minortini.


Raffles, shot specials, food on the grill are planned during the event.


The event is free and open to public over the age of 21.




Wednesday, November 10

9 p.m. – 2 a.m




Forbidden Nightclub

6820 E. 5th Avenue

(Old Town Scottsdale/ Off of Indian School Road)

Scottsdale, AZ


The Showroom




Dragtini is a show the cast of Open Wide Productions and present a different show every Wednesday to celebrate different things and bring different show to the Phoenix area.



Felicia Minor – or (480) 650-3999




Open Wide Productions is a creative ensemble of drag queens – Victoria Bacon, Felicia Minor, and Chanel Knowles. These performers have worked hard to gain the respect from their more seasoned colleagues, while continuing to learn and grow as both entertainers and individuals.Victoria Bacon is an up and coming drag entertainer with a background in theatre and stage production. Known for her sophisticated and campy sensibilities, and daring stage presence. As an entertainer, Victoria likes to concentrate on crowd involvement, the art of surprise and creating unforgettable moments.Felicia Minor is a performer who has fallen in love with the art of female impersonation. As an entertainer, Felicia looks forward to serving the community through great entertainment, and impeccable female impersonation.Chanel Knowles, recently earning the title of Miss Temple City, NCC, is a new entertainer full of fresh ideas and creativity. Chanel Knowles graces the stage with a classy and refined sense of style. Chanel is looking forward to showcasing her talents in the Phoenix drag scene.Purpose & ObjectiveOpen Wide Productions’ purpose and brings something different and exciting to the community using unforgettable performances, interactive shows and audience participation. The open Wide Productions team wants to serve the community through entertainment that will be unlike any other show in Phoenix and surrounding areas.




Dragtini Wednesdays at Forbidden Nightclub


Open Wide Productions


Forbidden Nightclub



If reporters, camerapersons or photographers would like to attend, you are welcomed. Please call in advanced to make arrangements.


Interviews with and a photo of the cast are available upon request.






Felicia Minor,

(480) 650-3999 (cell)