Be on the lookout for the audacious pink flamingo that may be making her way around your town. Ha ha! I want to share with you the fun and quirky photo shoot that I did with David Martinez this year. Here are the first three photos of the series that Martinez is working on.

I feel like I have always been different, quirky — that’s for sure. I realized that I was living life the way that I thought some wanted me to, but being different is what makes me special. Now, I love the color pink and definitely did not associate flamingoes with my brand. That is until friends and family started buying me things with flamingoes on it or stuffed flamingoes.

I have recently started to accept the quirks and things about myself and along that same token. I have started to accept the flamingo as part of my brand. Even bought a costume to go along with it, as anyone that is getting into their branding does. Ha ha.

So enjoy these photos, I hope that you will continue to enjoy my quirkiness and my willingness to just be different and have fun being who I am. There, flamingoes!