Tonight we missed Freddy as he couldn’t join us for the show and hope he feels better soon. But unintentionally the show turned into a two hour special with Drake Jensen as he joined us from his cabin in Canada for YOUR Wednesday night conversation. It was not intentional but I can say that audience participation was up, Many of them fangirling, especially when he began to sing.

We talked about how the weekend went. Turns out that there’s a curfew in Canada during the pandemic and there isn’t much push for the vaccine just yet there. So Drake and his hubs are spending time in the cabin in the woods. Meanwhile, we talked about how the By Bish Jewelry auction was a great success! I can’t say how overwhelmed we were about all of it and how it resulted in $1000 toward our fundraiser. Incredible! An edible probably got me through it. Ha ha.

We discussed how President is making changes, executive orders and coming up with plans to handle the pandemic in less than seven days. And the others who say he hasn’t done enough, some even sending articles of impeachment on him on the first or second day in office. We also talked about how Majorie Green also harassed a Parkland victim fighting for gun control/reform. Along with that craziness, you wouldn’t believe the outlandish headlines I found in the science section of the news.

We finally got into talking about Drake. He introduced himself to folks that haven’t seen him since he was on in 2016. He talked about his journey and how in the last ten years things have changed for him — being recognized for LGBTQ+ music video of the year and other great recognition from various publication. The bigger reward is growing his listenership and streaming his song more than 100K times on Spotify alone. Drake even gave us a little bit of a cappella performance of some of his songs.

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