I promise, I unmuted us before we went live. For some reason when I went live, we were muted. I am not sure, but if you have watched this show long enough sometimes the technology doesn’t agree with me and likes to act a fool — even after we test the equipment during the tech run before the episode. Ha ha.

Anyway, we got on with the episode. My heart goes out to the families that have been affected by the loss of life due to police brutality. Another hit hard for me this week as the Colorado police reopen the case of Elijah McClain, who died at the reckless hands of the police. I breaks my heart as you see him playing the violin for cats at a local shelter and the different accounts of the situation.

We discussed our weekend which included getting our RippleBriefs mail order for RipplePHX. We started the OraQuick test, an in-home HIV test. Follow the directions and in twenty minutes you get results. Be sure to get your weekly, Ripple Briefs at ripplephx.org.

We went on to talk about historical moments that are facts as we discuss those who like to charge the conversation arguing that confederate monuments shouldn’t be moved and that they are important to history. And we learned that some things are not what we may have learned in grade school. I am still astounded that Mississippi just ratified the 13th amendment. Yes, slavery was still legal until 2013 — and now they are working on getting their flag change, a discussion they have been having for nearly a decade.

Along with our history lesson, we jump into the historical moment that we are living as the United States struggles to maintain or flat line the COVID-19 numbers. The numbers keep rising. The leadership refuses to impose a stay-at-home order. The public refuses to wear masks. Some protests have started. If that’s that not enough “Ken and Karen” were out with their mini-pistols and rifles aiming them at peaceful protests in St. Louis.

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