Sound on and everything we were all set to go. It was all good until I messed up Carrington’s last names and mashed them all up. But let’s not worry about that it was a good show.

I skipped a bunch of stuff because my brain was going a million miles an hour and surprised by that I didn’t mute myself for the intros. Goodness. We learned that Freddy as become a “gamer” because there isn’t really anything else that he can do. Hashtag pandemic life. Ugh! We later talked about some things that you can do to spend your time during the pandemic, again, while at home and being safe.

For those that didn’t hear, the COVID numbers are still rising and Arizona’s number one with more than 108K cases and 1.8K deaths reported and with this we still have no leadership issuing executive orders or making mask wearing mandatory. It’s a bit sad. Along with that there are people that feel threatened by wearing masks. They are some groups of people who are hosting large COVID parties — the winner is the one who catches the virus first and gets an all-expense paid trip to the hospital of their choice and the ventilator is included.

If that weren’t enough we still have Karens and Kens running around the nation losing it. Amy Cooper has a case against for falsely calling the police on Christian Cooper, a Black bird-watcher. He ultimately thinks that she has paid the price and isn’t cooperating that this time. Meanwhile there is the case of the road rage Karen that was involved in a road rage battle and got out of the car pointed a gun at a Black mother and her teenager daughter. Yeah… what’s going on in the world.

Then we got to talk with Carrington Hall-Dubois and learned how he became the longest intern to ever work for a politician and we are going to work on getting himself so that he can level up. It’s in the works, stay tuned. While he’s not grabbing coffee and making copies, he is busy with being the Emperor XV of the Imperial Court of Arizona. He is busy working with Empress Nikki Knowles and their court is doing fundraisers, food drives, and currently a back to school drive for the Phoenix and the Tucson areas.

In the midst of us talking about all the court is doing for the community. We might have started a new fundraiser that might be coming up soon — tamales, jambalaya and some other goodies that could be coming soon. Anyone have a food truck that the court could purchase or lease to raise some funds for community organizations. You heard it here first! Stay tuned. I want to put my order in first, uhm… I was hungry after the episode.

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