Podcast: Fan Fusion Recap, Is it really June?, and more – Let’s Have A Fefe

We talked about Phoenix Fan Fusion and being a part of the Dragstravaganza produced by Guido Martin on Friday of the convention. It was an amazing show with thousands of folks in attendance. I was Garnet and Serra Tonan was Jasper. We acted out the scene in the audience and it was a blast. And enjoyed day 2 at the PFF as part of a Drag Story Hour Arizona event, sponsored by Bookmans. That was good as well.

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Podcast: The latest episodes of Let’s Have A Fefe has been uploaded!

Thanks to all who watch us live each week for YOUR Wednesday night conversation! Also, I love that you all watch it on the replay. You can also listen to us. We were so happy to find out that we had hit 4K downloads of the podcast. I can't believe that many folks are listening. But very appreciative.

Video: Jack Jakk, artist of Unicorn Color Therapy on Let’s Have A Fefe

Tonight was a little bit on the special side -- in more ways than one -- as we welcomed artist Jack Jakk of Unicorn Color Therapy for the show. My side of technology didn't want to work with things at all. But it despite that it was a show full of laughs.