Video: Special announcement on Let’s Have A Fefe .. is it that special?

This episode was not like any other, it was different. It was uhm... unmuted. We finally started an episode unmuted and with the mic on. It was amazing! Right?! Now if only the mic that I ordered would come in and we would be fine and dandy. I am looking at all you podcasters that are selling out the mics but probably won't be using them.

Podcast: More episodes uploaded of Let’s Have A Fefe on your favorite platform

With me being laid up in bed for recovery along with the madness of the coronavirus, I think this is the best time to catch up on posting the Let's Have A Fefe live streams as a podcast. I am getting there slowly, but they are getting uploaded. I am pretty excited that I have time to catch up and definitely appreciate your patience.

Podcast: Catching up on Let’s Have a Fefe episodes. Are you listening?

Okay! Okay, I haven't been putting up the episodes of Let's Have A Fefe as quickly as I would like. Be sure to subscribe to the podcast edition of our show so you can listen to us without all the mess. I don't edit them down so you get what you would if you watched live or on the replay.