Video: Weekend Getaway, Birthdays, and more! – Let’s Have A Fefe (S10 E19)

I could not have planned this episode better myself. It sent me laughing as I logged in that we had similar looks tonight and didn't even talk to each other about it. Ha ha! Whoa! I am not even sure how we do it. We must have similar nanochips.

Podcast: Fan Fusion Recap, Is it really June?, and more – Let’s Have A Fefe

We talked about Phoenix Fan Fusion and being a part of the Dragstravaganza produced by Guido Martin on Friday of the convention. It was an amazing show with thousands of folks in attendance. I was Garnet and Serra Tonan was Jasper. We acted out the scene in the audience and it was a blast. And enjoyed day 2 at the PFF as part of a Drag Story Hour Arizona event, sponsored by Bookmans. That was good as well.

Video: Fan Fusion Recap, Is it really June?, and more on Let’s Have A Fefe (S10 E18)

Pride Month has begun! And it started off as a weird week and now I am not vibing to well as I received some news that a friend of ours is missing. It seems that Sky Hoffman has gone missing since early May. They were last seen in Nevada.

Video: What In Cats’ Name?, An Artist, A Nerd, and more! on Let’s Have A Fefe (S10 E17)

It's been a bit of a week and I am more of a mess than usual -- and it showed today. It was a quick face with no lashes and I think it just could have been a little worse, but I gave it what I have. Anyway, I was still excited to have Guido Martin and Brandon McGill on the show tonight!

Podcast: It’s Majik, He Has Risen, and more – Let’s Have A Fefe (S10 E13)

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Podcast: The latest episodes of Let’s Have A Fefe have been uploaded If you missed us during the live broadcast or can't find the time to be able to watch the video of the latest episodes of Let's Have A Fefe, you can listen to us on your favorite podcast player. The latest episodes are deep, vulnerable, and full of useful information. Be sure to subscribe … Continue reading Podcast: The latest episodes of Let’s Have A Fefe have been uploaded

Podcast: The latest episodes of Let’s Have A Fefe has been uploaded!

Thanks to all who watch us live each week for YOUR Wednesday night conversation! Also, I love that you all watch it on the replay. You can also listen to us. We were so happy to find out that we had hit 4K downloads of the podcast. I can't believe that many folks are listening. But very appreciative.

VIDEO: S10 E2 – Let’s Have a Fefe will change your life (NO GUARANTEES!)

Tonight, we realized that we were both grateful to be back for Drag Bingo + Cats at La Gattara Cat Cafe in their new location in Phoenix. It was great seeing you all. Be sure to get your tickets for the next one. Then, we got into the heavy lifting of some of the red flags that you might face while online dating -- and there are plenty of them.

Video: Special announcement on Let’s Have A Fefe .. is it that special?

This episode was not like any other, it was different. It was uhm... unmuted. We finally started an episode unmuted and with the mic on. It was amazing! Right?! Now if only the mic that I ordered would come in and we would be fine and dandy. I am looking at all you podcasters that are selling out the mics but probably won't be using them.

Podcast: More episodes uploaded of Let’s Have A Fefe on your favorite platform

With me being laid up in bed for recovery along with the madness of the coronavirus, I think this is the best time to catch up on posting the Let's Have A Fefe live streams as a podcast. I am getting there slowly, but they are getting uploaded. I am pretty excited that I have time to catch up and definitely appreciate your patience.

Podcast: Catching up on Let’s Have a Fefe episodes. Are you listening?

Okay! Okay, I haven't been putting up the episodes of Let's Have A Fefe as quickly as I would like. Be sure to subscribe to the podcast edition of our show so you can listen to us without all the mess. I don't edit them down so you get what you would if you watched live or on the replay.