It’s been a bit of a week and I am more of a mess than usual — and it showed today. It was a quick face with no lashes and I think it just could have been a little worse, but I gave it what I have. Anyway, I was still excited to have Guido Martin and Brandon McGill on the show tonight!

Guido was in the guest chair when we started but definitely, had a bit of a time getting Brandon connected! We talked about the great time we had a drag bingo + cats at La Gattara Cat Cafe, hair cuts, shows, and things. Guido has been working on setting up fantastic prime-time entertainment at the Phoenix Fan Fusion including the burlesque and signature drag show, Dragstravaganza which includes Freddy and me.

Tonight’s tip was not to use Astroglide or KY for pleasure or when you go to the OB/GYN. We talked about what can go wrong with them and why they’re not so good. He did in return suggest products like Sliquid, a natural lubricant that is great for anal play and other fun things but can be okay to use at the doctor’s office, safely.

We took a moment to talk about the mass shooting that happened in Texas at an elementary school. My heart is broken, but even more so I feel rage. I can’t imagine what a kid felt as they were terrorized in their last moments of life at a place they were meant to feel safe. Politicians can shove their “thoughts and prayers,” and need to start working on gun control. It’s not enough to just sit by anymore.

We had our time to talk about Phoenix Fan Fusion with Guido and Brandon. It seems that the drag show will be happening while the live painting is happening. Guido is putting on a burlesque show, a drag show, and throwing a party. Brandon is working on body painting in another room. FF is so creative and so fun!

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