Video: What In Cats’ Name?, An Artist, A Nerd, and more!¬†on Let’s Have A Fefe (S10 E17)

It's been a bit of a week and I am more of a mess than usual -- and it showed today. It was a quick face with no lashes and I think it just could have been a little worse, but I gave it what I have. Anyway, I was still excited to have Guido Martin and Brandon McGill on the show tonight!

Upcoming event: Brandon McGill & Guido Martin give us a sneak peek at Phoenix Fan Fusion on Let’s Have A Fefe

We haven't had guests this season on Let's Have A Fefe, yet! Join Freddy Prinze Charming and me as we welcome our first guests of the season, Brandon McGill and Guido Martin. We are going to be talking about their latest ventures including the upcoming Phoenix Fan Fusion.