This episode was not like any other, it was different. It was uhm… unmuted. We finally started an episode unmuted and with the mic on. It was amazing! Right?! Now if only the mic that I ordered would come in and we would be fine and dandy. I am looking at all you podcasters that are selling out the mics but probably won’t be using them.

Anyway, Freddy was back for his near death experience after fighting a migraine last week. Probably got a lot more detail than you expected. But glad to see that he made it out of the depths of hell to join us.

We talked about informed consent and dating multiple people. Many object it but it does happen. Single or not, poly or monogamous, whatever — the communication and consent from all parties involved should be a thing. All to prevent the mishaps of miscommunication, the spread of viruses and STI’s, and just being open about and not so shady.

Then we talked about the COVID cases, still on the rise and no plateaus as we get set to open schools, business and resume reopening the state some time soon. Some schools opening already have had to close and there has been no social distancing. Ugh! Stay safe out there, kids! We also talked about injustices out there, in particular, the case the offers putting kids in cuffs and ordering them to get down on the ground with no reason. Especially when they were looking for motorcyclists. Damaging! And those girls will never forget that.

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